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stickers and rails and new rails and logo and oh crap and more pictures FTW

Alright so I’m going skimboarding on Monday may 31st.
I am going to get a lot of footage and try my rails! thats right rails plural! I built another rail but… I’m not uploading a pic of it, you have to wait and see if i get a good shot of it and put up a pic or video some other time.

I also found a Grandma Boards TREASURE! The original logo hand drawn. This got me thinking so on my rail i slapped down a paint job to rep GB and did various other things with sharpie (wrote GB places).

I also thought it would be cool if Grandma Boards got some stickers but I’m not to good with graphic design so i did a bit of photo copying and got some temp stickers!

I also found something bad… I chip in the Dew Board (wtf) but i dont think it will matter much.


Enjoy the pics!


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