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Big Disappointment

So I was going skimboarding today with the Dew Board, Spiral Board, two rails and my camera gear…
Anyways so im super stoked and we I get there and its like a town where george washington was born and theres a bunch of beaches n shit but we went to the GW memorial and there was this awesome little strip of sand like 100 metres long and there was a couple fallin down trees and a herd of cows chillen in the water! I’m like this is so dope!

There was 0 people anywhere and i couldn’t get down to the water because it was down a cliff (there was no way i could of gotten there). So we left and stopped to eat in some park then kept going, by then it was like 1:00 pm, we went to some state park shit and there was a beach but it was PACKED as hell everywhere and no where to skim, went to another beach… same thing, another beach… same thing. So by now its like 3:30 and im pissed, havent done anything.

So we decide to just header at around 4:00 and i didnt even care by then…

I never even took my boards or my camera out of the car!



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