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fail :(

soo today i was having an awesome day, saw the sun for the first time in like a month and get super stoked right away and decided to go skimming as soon as school was over. called up my buddy Aj and we set off for kye bay, the local “dopespot”. Oh yeah but first i went and picked up my new Purplejumpsuit hoodie!so sick. anyways we got to the beach and it was high tide….balls…..so this guy we were there with says oh i know a dope beach that will still be good even at high tide. After like 30 mins of wandering around and getting lost we finally get to this “superawsomeepicgnarbeach!” but it was worse than what we started off with, rocky and no room to skim at all,  and by then it was like 5 O’Clock  so we waited a bit had a fire ( found some small crabs put them in an old beer bottle and boiled them/watched them fight..pretty fun) but in the end we just left. pretty disappointed such a good day turned really lame. I still need to get my dose of skimmin and weather looks like its closing in again 😦 hopefully ill get back out there soon.



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