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Back from skimming and time for my annual trip to ottawa

got back from skimmin yesterday and got some good footage. I’m now putting my focus on editing.

Day 1 got to the beach and we were on the Maryland side of the Island, it was really windy and the beach was pretty steep, anyways I didnt go skimming that day.

Day 2, went to the Virginia side of the Island it was much nicer, hotter outside, less windy and the beach layout was better, coming from the park entrance the road turned right and there was a rocky road about 1 mile long with parking spots on the side. (for all the vancouver islanders it was like goose spit). Went down to the very end of it and there were no people there, the beach kept going where all the fisherman were but you need an off road vehicle permit. Got some nice shots anyways should make for a good edit.

However on June, 18 I will be making my annual trip up to Ottawa and I’m gonna do some filming with the Queens FSAE Team. While I’m there I’ll do a lot of filming and editing both FSAE videos and my skimboarding edit.



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