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In ottawa, selling a board

So I’m up in Ottawa now, not going back to DC for about 3 weeks! Sadly this means I won’t be skimming 😦 When I do get back to town around July 19 I have some stuff to take care of which would take away any chance of going to the beach for 2 more weeks. This means I’m gonna be out of skimming for a bit.

Some good news, we’re selling a board!!! I’ve got it in the rocker clamp right now and imma be puttin the paint job down when I get back to DC. This customer has requested a “Canadian Flag” design, got some scetches for it and it should turn out nice.

As for pat…. I donnt know if he’s gonna be skimmin for a bit (he’s got a lady in town) πŸ˜‰ maybe he’ll give her a little demo πŸ˜› so he’ll figure a way to skim, not my problem… As far as filming goes I think we’re out of luck with pat for a while. Now that he’s warmed up for the season he should be bringing the cam out a bit more!



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