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in response to Brett’s last post…

To answer some of the questions left unanswered about me in Brett’s last post  i decided to Ive them to you myself 😉 for one, yeah my girlfriend was in town for my graduation ( aww yeahhh!!!) so I didn’t get to do much skimmin, she kept me a little too busy 😉 although we did end up getting out to Saratoga beach where i did in fact skim but for only 10 mins before i spotted my gf laying there in her bikini again…. anyways now  im off to Hawaii!! where I intend to get some skimmin done! woo! should be dope, who knows how much ill actually be skimmin though haha. a lot of distractions over there. (pretty excited considering i leave for Hawaii in abouttt….3 hours!!)

so there ya go! hopefully I get some sick shots in Hawaii! If not then I get back on the 18 and I plan on going as much as I can!



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