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Finished The vid…. and i like The Stig

The Queen’s University Formula SAE 2010 Team Sponsor Video 😀 Read the rest of the story here

I also finished this board i sold to my home boy,

And i went skimming!!
So there was some tropical storm that weekend and the first day mad 8 foot tall waves! The waves are so big and they eventually came all the way up the beach onto the flat sand, it mad some mad crazy pools to skim, I broke my spiral board with a crack in the back but i can still ride it. The GB Pintail board got its beach debut and it KILLED it out there. i was stomping sex changes fat 1080 spins, 720 spins to 360 shovits!
But i dont have my camera because it went over to the U.K. because of the Formula SAE Sponsor vid. I did get some pics though… 😀



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