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herro spring.

herro spring. You are not welcome here, please come back… never

So seasons over in DC, not unexpected, what is unexpected is the shitty weather they’ve been recieving up in Ottawa. I know its getting close to spring and everything, but they are getting tons of rain and high temperatures, almost seems that there won’t be any sunny park days but the rain will wash away everything instead.

In other news, got a new season update. this will be the last one of the season. We can’t give away too many shots, especially since we are lacking them. And we also have a vid from Pats urban session at the canal a while ago.

also please look over our website, its still under construction a bit. I also wanna know who reads this blog? we get random spikes in views every once in a while and we just don’t know who reads it? Right now we have our money on people coming here by mistake or a link or some shit, but if you actually read our blog please shout out to us in the contact form here please: CONTACT
just say like.. “I read” or something.




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