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It might be spring but the season isn’t over!

Down in D.C It’s golf season but here in Ottawa winter is still killin it! Lookin outside my window right now, and im seeing beautiful white flakes falling down, although there covering up patches of grass and mud mixed with old, half washed away, dirty snow (which was all that was left, so you could say spring almost had us beat!). But the hills are stil looking good! Last Saturday at Edelweiss it was the annual “Geeks love Tweeks” competition, and it was a killer time!! Geeks love Tweeks is an event where nothing steezy is permitted and you wont get judged unless your wearing all out 80’s attire. This year they built a 2 jump line consisting of 2 mini jumps (like 5 foot gap) and really kicky! basically whoever can pull off the sickest “tweeks” (grabs, mule kicks, daffy’s, etc) takes the cake ! But thats only phase 1.

Justin StLaurent rockin it!

15 buck's worth of backflip right here.

(they were calling 15 bucks for whoever could do a nice laid out backy on that tiny jump. I stepped in to claim the prize! hell yeah!)


Phase 2 was all about an epic pond skim they built. it was suny out but a fairly strong headwind made things realllyyy chilly!regardless people get really wet and really wild. As Much fun as it was it ended a little short because someone ripped the liner and all the water leaked out 😦  only got to hit it once but whatever it was super fun!

hottie killin it.

got steeze?


last but not least i finished a little edit from my spring break; sled’s are awesome!!

(watch in HD)


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