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Disappearing act


Gb  has been off the grid for a while now, due to the fact that I’ve moved form Comox B.C where the skimming is abundant and the POW roams wild; to Ottawa Ontario! Actually Aylmer Quebec but I anex it into ottawa 😉 The move went decently smooth movers cracked my fiberglass canoe so im pretty pissed about that, but otherwise its all good!  of course I didnt spend my entire summer moving, I was working in norhtern Quebec (Chicoutimi) for my uncles fiberglass company making money so I oculd buy a car.  No skiiming where I was at 😦 but fortunately I had an epic workshop to make some new skims in. The downside was I didnt have much time to work on them.

Brett has aslo been busy, recently we lost touch with the Queens FSAE team but now were back in full swing and will hopefully be filming/ producing with them shortly!

Thats all for now more frequent updates to be seen form us as winter and skiing apporaches! 😀



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