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It’s Snowing!!!

YAY! Thats right snow, in october! And not where you’d expect it, yep here in washington DC we have snow, which means we beat ottawa to first snow!! haha although it won’t last who cares! it’s snow.
Pat was also in a rail jam last night so we’re getting back into the groove, however our mindset isn’t on skiing right now but actually a different editing project we have coming soon!




Skimboarding season is now over, we all got out a few times and a short video will follow, but now the mind set is 100% on skiing. We are stoked for snow and it can’t come soon enough! Pat is getting moved in and we are setting up for GB’s most productive ski season yet. Tons of stuff is going down, roadtrips, urban, backyard, pow, you name it. Keep your eyes peeled for GB-Media’s first movie trailer dropping this spring. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer and seasonal edits are to come aswell!


Skim Season

I hearby declare this Skim season (kinda late I know) and I have already been out for one session. But another board is in production and another is planned over at GB HQ (currently in relocation) but out at our international office,

work underway at the office

we are in full swing aswell as planning a re-designed disassemblable rail for a planned Skim trip to our top secret location north of Virginia Beach.

logo stencil


herro spring.

herro spring. You are not welcome here, please come back… never

So seasons over in DC, not unexpected, what is unexpected is the shitty weather they’ve been recieving up in Ottawa. I know its getting close to spring and everything, but they are getting tons of rain and high temperatures, almost seems that there won’t be any sunny park days but the rain will wash away everything instead.

In other news, got a new season update. this will be the last one of the season. We can’t give away too many shots, especially since we are lacking them. And we also have a vid from Pats urban session at the canal a while ago.

also please look over our website, its still under construction a bit. I also wanna know who reads this blog? we get random spikes in views every once in a while and we just don’t know who reads it? Right now we have our money on people coming here by mistake or a link or some shit, but if you actually read our blog please shout out to us in the contact form here please: CONTACT
just say like.. “I read” or something.




damn! pat beat me to the post…. but yeah, he gone skiing. Me, my ski season is over. 😦 Its about 23 degrees here in the summer struck-in town of washy DC. The hills still have snow and I have 2 day pass coupons sitting on top of my tv waiting to be used…. hopefully :S

I did make a new video, and some new logos. I want to order some die-cuts aswell.
Vid… Its just some shots from what we’ve been up to, including video from our “ski-skype sesh” Enjoy.

I’m also doing work on the website.
peace for meaow!


We are back!

okay so as Pat said we are back and better than ever especially with the launch of the GB crew and our new website! K so as pat said vids would come sooooo…..

boom there ya have it the freshest rawest video eva! If your lucky I will maybe post a mini edit of the night but for now this will please… also check out our new site GB-Crew Media! and stay posted on that site, we have set up an rss feed directly from this blog and you can see our news feed on the home page that we will update as frequently as we can.



well in case you didnt notice there is snow on the ground and I’ve been skiing. So incase you didn’t notice skim season is over…. 😛

stay posted on the GB crew blog and coming soon a website for sneek peaks and edits of our up and coming SKIING film project!!