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wakefield session!!

summer of 2012 chillin in wakefield ūüėõ


Renunion x2

This past summer has been awesome for many many reasons but 2 in particular. 1st off, Brett moved back to ottawa which means GB is gonna be going harder than ever before and all our plans can be much more easily attainable! reason numero dos; Annica a good friend of mine who I havn’t seen in a few years who is also the founder of Purplejumpsuit apparel is coming to ottawa all the way form BC to hang with GB for a few days this week before we all head to to IF3.oh yes. shit will get real!¬†

So lots of good things are happening !stay tuned(like anyone reads this shit anyways haha) for a few major edits dropping soon!

 [ (http://purplejumpsuit.wordpress.com/) <-check it! ] is  




Check out the awesome time we had last weekend!




We said we had a video coming, and we did! Only, it came out a lot latter than planned!

Here’s a small edit of¬†Queen’s¬†University FSAE team

I also just bought a car! Could’t be more stoked! Bought myself a little 98 Subaru Forester, this little baby will be the enabler for many more urban trips to come! ūüėÄ


Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

Getting excited for the holidays!! I’m gonna be headed to moonstone for 5 days to take a freestyle airbag coaching course. I¬†haven’t¬†decided if its going to be boring or fun yet. It could go either way, being that close to awesome park skiing (moonstone is¬†absolutely¬†sick) yet being unable to ski it do the the fact ill be pinned all day listening to someone go into depth about how to land on an airbag… Either way im sure¬†it’ll¬†be a fun trip! Once the course is over im flying out to Chicoutimi to spend the holidays with my family and shred my cousin’s beloved/epic b-yard setup!

Im gonna toss in a little hype in here too, we’ve got a Queen’s FSAE vid dropping within the next couple days!


Winter is just around the corner!


so I’ve got a bunch of stuff to say, numero uno : about a month ago or so GB dropped another great¬†collaboration¬†edit between Purplejumpsuit Apparel and ourselves. Check it out down here.


As much as Brett said our heads aren’t into skiing yet (mine sure as hell is!!) and heres another little edit I threw together quickly of a few weekends ago!


weather wise here in ottawa its been kinda lame :(. we havn’t ¬†had snow yet, but there calling for 5cm overnight untill tomorrow¬†evening¬†and thankfully its been cold enough all the local hills have been blowing tons of snow! I’m even hearing that hey might open this weekend!!

pray for snow



Disappearing act


Gb ¬†has been off the grid for a while now, due to the fact that I’ve moved form Comox B.C where the skimming is¬†abundant¬†and the POW roams wild; to Ottawa Ontario!¬†Actually¬†Aylmer Quebec but I anex it into ottawa ūüėČ The move went decently smooth movers cracked my fiberglass canoe so im pretty pissed about that, but¬†otherwise¬†its all good! ¬†of course I didnt spend my entire summer moving, I was working in norhtern Quebec (Chicoutimi) for my uncles fiberglass company making money so I oculd buy a car. ¬†No skiiming where I was at ūüė¶ but¬†fortunately I had an epic workshop to make some new skims in. The downside was I didnt have much time to work on them.

Brett has aslo been busy, recently we lost touch with the Queens FSAE team but now were back in full swing and will hopefully be filming/ producing with them shortly!

Thats all for now more frequent updates to be seen form us as winter and skiing apporaches! ūüėÄ